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Attention stressed-out, over-worked execs and entrepreneurs:

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Rid of Your Stress Once and For All

All you need is one lesson and in just 48 hours you can start thinking positive thoughts from your own internal wealth of resources.


From: Cecil McIntosh, Relaxation Coach
Re: Getting Rid of Your Stress Once and For All

I’ll let you in on a little secret that hardly anyone “in the know” is talking about…

Starting and following a program to find time for YOURSELF without feeling guilty is HARD!

Ok, I said it. It’s the truth and anyone who has a successfully dealt with overwhelming stress knows that it is the truth. It’s not an easy thing to start having a different mindset, let alone finding the time to keep practising for an indefinite amount of time.

The positive thoughts and insight that you receive from WITHIN enable you to insulate yourself from negative outer influences, and is at the heart of why so many people are scrambling to find a natural resource of pure information.

Unfortunately, the emphasis for shifting your mindset is usually on STARTING… with very few FINISHING.

So why is it so hard to take the steps for beating stress?

I am a worldwide expert in training forward thinking leaders to achieve maximum health, wealth and impact. I have created the Empty Your Cup® Relaxation Process which I have taught to overwhelmed entrepreneurs worldwide to “stress less” for over 14 years.

There are FIVE REASONS why it is hard:

Reason #1 You are doing many things at once.

Reason #2 You do not know how to find time to slow down.

Reason #3 You are desperately looking to quiet the chaos and stress in your life.

Reason #4 You do not know how to listen in your relationships and are shouting and screaming at each other or suffering in silence.

Reason #5 You are a great facilitators in business but neglect to look after yourself or refuse help when it is offered.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You know how others have told you it was easy?

Well here’s what I do that’s different…

But first, let me introduce myself in case you are wondering why you should listen to me and trust me to teach you all this stuff…

Worldwide Expert in Training Forward Thinking leaders to Achieve Maximum Health, Wealth and Impact.

i.e. who the heck is Cecil McIntosh?
I am Cecil McIntosh; I’m also a former stressed entrepreneur who focused only on MAKING MONEY and suffered from chronic, excruciating back pain. Eventually, I ended up divorced and bankrupt.

This was my wakeup call which allowed me to find my passion of integrating your consciousness and business for maximum impact.

As a worldwide expert in conscious thinking, I have created the Empty Your Cup® Relaxation Process which I have taught to overwhelmed entrepreneurs worldwide to “stress less” for over 14 years.

At one time, I was always in a hurry, but I have since discovered that you can find time no matter how busy you are. The 52 weekly lessons will teach you many ways to slow down and find peace and power within.

One of my special gifts is to quickly get you to find invaluable answers from pressing questions from WITHIN, so that you can attack overwhelming stress from the INSIDE – quickly, effectively and naturally.

Just imagine for a moment how your life will be different 1 year from today when you start to access your inner power.

What if you could say goodbye to feeling overwhelm and relax and quiet the chaos and stress in your life? How would that impact your life?

I have also discovered “what works” because I was able to heal my excruciating back pain using the methods I have been teaching for over a decade.

It takes time not only to change you behaviour, but too feel comfortable and embrace the new changes. That’s why we have included a community of like minded people like you to share ideas or work with a buddy system.

Students have been able to get twice the results with half the effort from using this program. As a certified master practitioner and trainer of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), a hypnotherapist and therapist, I employ the latest in cutting edge technology to facilitate your transformation.

You will not only experience a change, but a lifestyle shift that will allow you to maintain a wonderful balance between work and your personal life.

If you are excited and prepared for a journey into new and unknown territory, I’d like to spend the next year delivering on these promises…

Here’s what one Overwhelmed Entrepreneur Had To Say about experiencing Peace, power and balance…

Listen to what one of my students, Reno Habul, multi-million dollar entrepreneur and builder of estates for the rich and famous, had to say about applying my 21 Stress-Stopper Formulas

“Have you ever been bursting at the seams to share a change in your consciousness? This change has simplified my life. After two years, I am doing more by doing less in business and being three times more productive.

And converting stress into positive energy has allowed me to live by going with the flow rather than getting caught on an emotional roller coaster. In my personal life, one of my health challenges, high blood pressure, has disappeared.

However, when I attempt to get the message across to someone who notices the difference and asks for an explanation, I usually get a blank stare.

The process is so simple that they cannot believe it.

After begging and pleading with Cecil for some way to explain this amazing process, I have finally gotten my wish. He has produced an exceptional report. This special report introduces you to his exclusive work the Empty Your Cup® Process. This awesome process gives you profound insights into the root cause and simple solutions to relieve pain, anxiety and stress.”

–Reno Habul, West Des-Moines, U.S.A., Property Development

Here’s What You Get with Peace, Power & Balance:

  • Within the first 24 hours of using my simple and easy stress-relieving techniques, you’ll be twice as productive and effective using only half of the effort you did before.
  • You’ll learn how to stay focused on what’s important and ignore everything else.
  • You’ll discover the secret to finding more time in your day that you can use for whatever you need to do, no matter how busy your schedule is.
  • You will master the ability to transform your stress into success just by controlling your perspective.
  • Can you picture yourself 2 years from today, stopping stress-related health issues from stealing hours, days, months and years off your life??
  • Imagine what your life would be like 5 years from now as a conscious entrepreneur making mega bucks without focusing on it.
  • You’ll learn how to easily quiet the stress and chaos in your life.
  • You will discover what it feels like to be a better listener and be more productive at work and in your personal life.

AND as one of the 1st 100 people to join, you can save over $120/year.

It will only cost you $17/month

What Else Is Part Of Peace, Power & Balance:

checkmark I will be offering additional content/videos
checkmark You will have access to a private facebook group.
checkmark You will receive content weekly for 52 weeks with action steps to be taken.
checkmark After teaching the Empty Your Cup® process to overwhelmed entrepreneurs around the world for over 15 years I have discovered that you need support for a specific time and you need to have a system to follow.
checkmark You also need a community of like minded people so that you can connect and share ideas or work with in a buddy system.
checkmark As a former stressed out entrepreneur who was divorced, bankrupt and suffering from excruciating back pain I have discovered what works because this is the same process I used to heal myself.
checkmark What makes our product different from similar products is that we have a system that allows you to grow from the inside out.
checkmark You will discover what cause you to do what you do and how you can change it.
checkmark You will discover that it is Ok to do things for yourself.
checkmark You will learn to set outcomes.
checkmark You will learn to be a better communicator.
checkmark You will learn how to go with the flow.
checkmark You will discover what stops you from listening.
checkmark You will get bite sizes of info so that it easy to digest.
checkmark You will learn what it means to relax naturally.
checkmark You will learn to focus like Sir Richard Branson.

WHEW! This a 52 week program

The time to start is Now!

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will see results.

If you are one of the first 100 people to join you, you’ll pay only $17 per month FOR LIFE… Everyone else will pay $27 per month … that is an ONGOING savings with your program.


Now listen up:

We are offering you an 8-week money back guarantee to try out peace power and balance weekly tips and then decide whether or not it is for you. If you realize that you have made a mistake, a full refund is available anytime within the 8-week period. Simply send us a note at our support desk and you’ll get your first 8-week refund payments back — every penny of it, with no questions asked.

You can join Peace Power Balance weekly tips at no risk to you. I’m taking all the risk, because I’m confident that as soon as you go through the first few lessons, you will not only be thrilled with the content, but more importantly the results.

After teaching the process for 14 years we know what works.

If you’re ready to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who have discovered how to beat stress and enjoy great health success and happiness AND all the leisure time they want, click on the order button below.

As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll get the access link to your first lesson immediately (watch your email for it!).

Join NOW and discover the secrets to beating

overwhelming stress…

Yes, Cecil, I want to enroll In Peace, Power Balance weekly Tips, so I can finally learn how to slow down, be more productive and enjoy better health, without shouting and screaming to be understood.

I understand that my membership in Peace Power balance includes:

  • weekly lessons in video, PDF and audio format for 52 weeks
  • bonus lessons
    • Bonus #1: 21 Stress-Stopper Formulas for a Healthy and happy life (40 page report) $27.00 value!
    • Bonus #2: Your Free 12-month subscription to my Stress Relief Journal $47 Value!
    • Bonus #3: Audio of – 21 Stress-Stopper Formulas for a Healthy and happy life (40 page report) $97 Value

I understand that I pay only $27 now and then my credit card will be automatically charged $27 every 30 days for the next 11 months. (note: except for first 100)

Plus Bonuses Valued at $191+

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I also understand that I have your no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee for 8-weeks upon purchase.

You can also cancel at any time during

the course with zero hassle.

You will receive an email every 7 days from the day you join with a link to access your weekly lesson.

Here’s the thing: You can continue to be a ”Hard Mout Cow” (someone who ignores feelings of overwhelm) and let your logical mind keep you enslaved in the prison of overwhelming stress or you can decided that it is time to remove the shackles and discover that there is no need for you to struggle anymore.

Just imagine 5 years from today living a life of health and happiness where you are not only having fun but also living your dream. Think of a life where you stop chasing life and life comes to you naturally.

It would be my pleasure to have you join me on this marvellous journey of peace, power and balance.


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